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Kids are taking to the waves in record numbers.  Surfing is emerging from a sub-culture into a mainstream sport.  Surfing provides great exercise and kids surfing is a great for them to be outside and get physical fitness.  It is also a great way for parents to bond with their kids.  Time spent surfing can provide years of lasting memories and can be a major experience in building a relationship with kids.

Finding kids surfboards can be a challenge at times.  Most people find that kids do best on soft surfboards. Soft surfboards are the same as fiberglass surfboards but built with a soft foam skin that reduces the chances of injury during a fall.  They are very stable and easy to stand up on which makes it a great kids surfboard.

Surfboards for the Beginner or Kids Learning to Surf

If you’re going to become a surfer, the first piece of equipment you are going to need is a surfboard. Without a surfboard, you wont be doing anything but splashing around in the waves. But on your first visit to any surf shop, you will see the choices available to the untrained eye can be dizzying.There are so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, but where to begin? Modern surfboards are hand shaped by professional shapers out of foam and coated with fiberglass sheets. They are hand-painted, usually airbrushed with beautiful colors and designs. They can be custom made to your specifications as well.
Before buying a surfboard you should know the parts of the board. This will prevent embarrassing conversations, as surfers have a language of their own. Whether you are searching out a shortboard, a longboard, a fish or a gun, most of the parts are the same. From the front to the back the parts are in this order; nose, rails, deck, stringer and tail. The nose is basically the pointed tip of your board. On a Longboard the tip is normally round. The nose of the other boards tends to be pointed. The rails are the edge of the surfboard. They run from the tail to the nose and are used basically to grip the board. But rail shapes can provide different performances of your board.
The deck is the top of the board, the main body in which the surfer applies a wax base for footing grip. There are domed decks and flat decks. The domed deck helps movement from rail to rail as the rider moves across the deck. The stringer is a strip of material that runs the length of the surfboard. Its main purpose is to strengthen.
Finally the tail is the end of the board. Shapes of the tail vary and each shape provides different performance for the rider. Also on the tail is the leash plug. This is where the riders leash keeps him attached by the ankle to his board.

Feel free to look around and take a look at the kids surfboards for sale.

If you are looking for information on how to make a wooden surfboard that kids could use check out wooden longboard plans.