Kids Surfing Instruction

Surfing Instruction Thoughts for Kids

Before you or your kid paddles out into the waves you owe it to yourself to seek some instruction. Even an experienced surfer sometimes finds it hard to instruct someone else how to surf… especially your own children. You have probably invested a lot of money into your child taking up the sport of surfing after purchasing a kids surfboard so a couple of extra bucks on surfing instructions or a kids surfing instructions course is well worth the money spent.

Private or Self Surfing Instruction?

Private lessons can be purchased at nearly any beach but most of those dads that surf know that.  What you may not have thought ofSurf lessons and instructions is a kids surf training ebook course that will walk you through teaching your kids how to surf.  Starting from the basics can be a  challenge since you probably don’t remember the little things that make surfing easier. You have been surfing so long it just comes natural like walking.  That is where it becomes difficult to teach your own child to surf.  A professional instructor begins at the most basic elements of surfing and builds on that.  If a parents tries to teach a kids how to surf it can become very frustrating for both the child and parents when the child doesn’t grasp a concept quickly because an element of basic understanding has not been met.

Surf Lesson Plans – Divide and Conquer

When teaching anyone anything a lesson plan is important that divides the task into the most basic elements and builds on that.  Learning or teaching surfing is no different.  After we have surfed for years we forget exactly how we know when we have caught the wave, how to select the correct wave, how to position ourselves in the optimal position to catch the wave, how to surf down a steep face and so on…  A good instruction course on surfing can provide both the student/kid and the teacher/parent with good building block system for teaching elementary elementary parts of surfing and them putting them all together.

Surf Lessons Need a Safety Net

Surfing safety is also important to teach.  Kids are pretty resilient and bounce back from most wipeouts quickly but reducing the chances of injury is an important part of the kids surf lessons.  Don’t overlook the safety of teaching a kids to surf and follow a good guide that may bring in another point of view that you haven’t thought of or experienced.  Not all of us know everything so it is a good idea to seek some outside advise sometimes even if we are pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

This guide to surfing is a great way for dad’s to teach kids how to surf and I recommend it to anyone investing time and money into a kid that is learning to surf.

Don’t spend hundreds on the surfboard and not get the lessons!

This Guide to Surfing” is well worth the time it takes to look at it and I promise that you will not be disappointed since it is from a reputable surfer and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. It cost less than one kids surf lesson but provides valuable surfing instruction for anyone.